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Dorset born, I lived some of my formative years deep in the countryside, which I think sparked my passion for nature and finding joy in the simple things in life. 

As children, our lives were entwined with nature in every way, long walks or cycle rides through country lanes to get to anywhere, the stream at the bottom of our garden which we always had our toes in, the resident pigs, goats and horses in the village that we would feed and occasionally be invited to church on a Sunday! The magic of the outdoors found me at an early age and it’s always been a place that I’ll go to find peace or connection to myself. 

A big part of my story begins with an ending, my dad passed away in 2001 when I was 21. It was completely devastating, and rocked the foundations of everything that my young brain understood about the world. Over the coming years I struggled with anxiety, panic attacks and low mood. The chronic stress manifested as physical symptoms in my body and lead to digestive issues, including inflammation of my stomach lining, which was incredibly painful. I felt completely consumed by my ill health and disconnected from the world around me.

Experiencing such immediate grief and ill-health early in my life forced me to consider my own mortality and the deeper questions. Even though I was surrounded by many loved ones, I felt very lonely and isolated. The emotional and physical discomfort encouraged me to seek help and guidance, which initially started with visits to my doctor. I was prescribed medications for my digestive issues, medications for anxiety and medications for low mood, which I tried for a time but they ultimately lead to more symptoms to contend with.

I think it was my early interest in nature and my deep desire to feel better that steered me towards the natural world and holistic therapies. I researched herbalism, nutritional therapy, ‘hands on’ therapists, and all the various ‘talking therapies’. Over the years I took a deep dive into so many different practices, each showing me the tools I needed to breathe deeply again and let go, move and nourish my body and reconnect with myself.

Robust scientific research shows the transformative power of holistic therapies on our mental and physical well-being. I have been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful teachers over the years, and I have found that it was a culmination of different modalities that supported my body-mind. 

Through my own experiences, I hope to inspire others to find their own path of healing, at any stage of life.

With love, Rebecca x


Holistic Health



Gentle thumb pressure is applied to specific reflex points in the feet or hands that correspond to all the various parts of the body


Maternity Reflexology

 Supporting mums on their pregnancy, birth and postnatal  journey.

Naturopathic Nutrition

I have recently qualified as a Naturopathic nutritional therapist, which focuses on diet, lifestyle and natural healing approaches to optimise health and well-being. 

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Where can you find me?

Weymouth, Dorchester and Bridport.

Home treatments available for people with limited mobility.

Usual working hours 9 - 3pm

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